Sleep Awareness Week is here! I love this week almost as much as I love Christmas. If you asked my husband, what does Dana love to do? He would probably say “sleep” or “take care of her plants.” Sleep would have been the right answer. Sleep is my favorite hobby. I am not a lazy person, I just love sleeping. You know what sounds like a perfect night? Crawling into my bed and laying my head down on my favorite pillow that is perfectly cold on my cheek, pulling my big fluffy comforter all the way up to my neck and listening to my box fan that, to me, sounds like glorious angels singing, their voices carrying me off to sweet, sweet slumber.

Sorry, I fell asleep there for a moment. 

Anyway….I am aware that not everyone loves sleep as much as I do. It baffles me honestly. Some people would rather stay up super late watching shows, reading books or researching what their next guitar is going to be (ahem, my husband). The only way I would skimp out on my precious sleep is to go to a Harry Styles concert but that’s a different type of dream and most likely involves less angels. I do, however, want to share with you a few good reasons why you shouldn’t skimp out on your sleep. Among them are major safety and health reasons regarding why sleep needs to be a priority. 

Reason 1: Sleep is a mood booster. Getting enough sleep is the biggest natural mood booster. If you are staying up late and finding yourself with a quick temper and have emotional swings, a good night's sleep can help drastically. Take a warm bath, put some lavender oil on your pillow, and go have a dream about Harry Styles or a new vintage Fender Telecaster guitar. In the morning you will hopefully find yourself smiling and ready to take on the day. 

Reason 2: Sleep will help you be better at your job. Getting enough sleep each night will most likely result in better work performance. When you get enough sleep your cognitive ability improves which means you will be able to concentrate, be creative, better at problem solving, and process emotions more effectively. 

Reason 3. Sleep helps you be a safer driver. The best kind of driver is a well rested one! Did you know that a driver who has slept less than 5 hours has a crash risk comparable to someone driving drunk? Sleepy drivers are dangerous. Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night but especially when you are taking long car trips. 

If you are looking to make your sleep a priority here are some things you should consider. Start a sleep routine. I wrote a blog about this not too long ago, here is the link -

Next, set boundaries for yourself. It is ok to say no to something or someone because you need to make sleep a priority. Your health is important. Finally, reward yourself for sticking to something that is good for you! Just like with eating healthy, it is ok to indulge sometimes. Just keep in mind that skipping some hours of sleep is fine every once and awhile, but make sure you don’t get carried away. Your mental and physical health needs you to sleep!


Dana Fry AKA the sleepy chick