It’s that time of year again when our clocks “fall” back. Daylight Saving Time is ending on November 4th. At 2 am, our clocks will fall back an hour and our brains will be all messed up. As a kid, I loved when this day would come. An extra hour of sleep was all I looked forward to, not knowing it will mess up my schedule, like having trouble falling asleep, waking up earlier than you wanted to, and likely to wake up during the night. Now that we have actual responsibilities like our own kids and jobs, this one-hour time change can really mess up your schedule and mess up your internal clock. This leads to fatigue, limited productivity, and difficulty concentrating. This time change can take up to a week for your body to be back to normal. Here’s a couple tips that might help you adjust with the time change!

Set the tone:

Setting the tone will help you sleep! Darkness matters! As the sun goes down earlier, it also comes up earlier. Get those blackening shades up to rest longer in the morning (if you can). If the shades don’t help, set the tone with a warm bath, some relaxing music, or a book! Put the phone down and give your brain some time to wind down.

Good Sleep Hygiene:

Even though the days seem shorter with it getting darker earlier, make sure to keep your same sleeping routine. Consistent bedtime and wake up time will boost your overall sleep quality If you need a little pick-me-up nap in the middle of the day, make sure the nap is no longer than 20 minutes. If naps aren’t your thing, go to a dark, peaceful environment and meditate or just relax with no distractions. High sleep quality will help adjust better and quicker to the time change.

Young woman performing yoga pose in living room

A Comfy Bed:

You want the high-quality sleep, you are going to need high quality items. The mattress and pillows are the most important part of how well you sleep at night. Make sure your mattress is still in good shape! If it is older than 7 years old and you aren’t having good sleep quality, it might be time to think about getting a new one. Make sure your pillows are fluffed every night for maximum comfort. If your neck is sore when waking up, it is a good idea to replace your pillows.

Do more when the sun’s out:

Being productive during the day will help you adjust to the time change Going for a workout in the middle of the day or right after work will help you feel tired when you are ready to go to bed. A short walk outside will also help. Fresh air and exercise will help the body when it comes to falling asleep at night. You’ll want to enjoy as much sunlight as there is! The sunlight will keep our body’s internal clock in check.


High sleep quality stems from every little element in your day. Sip on a nice hot tea as these cold dark days come and sleep soundly following these tips! Don’t let these dark days turn into depressing days. Holidays and Spring is just around the corner!