Music is used in so many different ways in our lives- catchy commercial jingles, live music with our favorite artists, or background noise to a dinner party. It can inspire conversation or movement, but can it also help us fall asleep?

 Music beats per minute is the tempo of any given song, which determines how fast or slow it is. Faster tempos are great for things like dancing while slower tempos are more suited for when we are relaxing. 

 As you start to relax before bed, your heart rate slows from the regular day to day hustle. A resting heart rate on average reaches about 60 beats per minute. Studies have shown that listening to music that is a similar beats per minute to our heart rate, it can help us fall asleep faster! Your heart rate will start to sync with the music and in turn make it easier for you to fall asleep. 

 Spotify has great curated playlists for sleeping across all genres of music: indie, classical, even electronic. We recommend listening to this music on a low volume on either your phone speaker or a speaker in your room while you lull yourself to a great night’s rest.