When preparing bedding for college, it's essential to consider the dorm or living situation and any specific requirements provided by the college. Here's a list of common bedding items you may need and the suggested quantities:

  1. Twin XL Bed Sheets: Most college dorm beds are Twin XL size, so you'll need at least two sets of sheets. This allows you to rotate them while doing laundry.

  2. Pillowcases: Grab a few extra pillowcases to go along with your sheet sets, preferably three to four, so you have backups while doing laundry.

  3. Pillows: Choose a comfortable pillow or two for a good night's sleep. This is a matter of personal preference, but having one or two pillows should suffice.

  4. Comforter or Duvet: A warm and cozy comforter or duvet is a must-have. Make sure it fits the Twin XL bed size.

  5. Blanket: Consider bringing an extra blanket or two for colder nights or layering during winter.

  6. Mattress Pad or Topper: Dorm beds can be less than luxurious, so a mattress pad or topper can add an extra layer of comfort.

  7. Mattress Protector: Protect your mattress from spills or accidents with a waterproof mattress protector.

  8. Throw Pillows/Decorative Cushions (optional): These are not necessary, but if you want to add a personal touch to your bed or dorm, a couple of throw pillows can make it cozier.

  9. Bedside Caddy or Storage Solutions: These are useful for keeping your phone, books, or other essentials close while you sleep.

  10. Sleepwear: Don't forget to pack comfortable sleepwear for a good night's rest.

Remember to check your college's housing guidelines for any specific restrictions or recommendations regarding bedding. And, if you're sharing a room, coordinate with your roommate to avoid bringing duplicate items and maximize the available space.