A lot of us enjoy the hotel bed so much that we would like to re-create that particular bed in our own homes. I am going to explain how you can create a luxury feeling in your own bed so that you can enjoy your very own staycation bliss and get that sleep you received while on vacation.

Many hotels have many layers stacked on their beds like a “bed sandwich” to be able to control loft, comfort, and temperature. This is important because it gives you the support that most people need but allows for comfort and softness that down brings to bedding while maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Most hotel beds start with a mattress topper. Mattress toppers are great for adding an extra 3-6 inches of soft layer and puff to most beds. Pillowtex Bamboo Mattress Topper is a great choice for hotel quality mattress toppers. Designed with a full wrap around shirt so the coroners will never pop up off. 

Pillowtex® Bamboo Mattress Topper

Next is the top sheet, which is then followed by a down comforter. The down comforter can come in many weights, depending on the season, and can allow loft. Add another top sheet or duvet cover on top of the comforter as well.

Pillowtex Hotel Sheet Set 

Pillowtex® Hotel Sheet Set | Wrinkle Resistant Cotton Blend


Pillowtex Hotel Blanket 

Pillowtex® Hotel Blanket


Next, comes one of the most important parts to sleep and luxury! The Pillows! The pillows on hotels “stand proud” and are often piled on to allow for a “buffet” of pillow selections. Most hotels offer a selection of down and feathers or polyester pillows to accommodate people with allergies. The best part of making your own hotel bed is that you can choose pillows that accommodate your needs. Most hotel beds have four pillows with a few throw pillows to accent the bedding.


Hotel pillow disclaimer: It is important to keep in mind that most pillows ordered come brand new and often do not have the same feeling as the pillows in hotels. This is due to a daily fluffing and use of the pillows on constant bases. Most pillows are worn and broken in which is what cause them to have a different feeling. Contact our bedding experts if you need help in finding a pillow that is just right for you!

Pillows.com offers many luxury suite packages from our most popular hotels. These packages include featherbeds, comforters, and pillows that most hotel beds use. These are great deals and you get a great night’s sleep as well. Remember that you can’t re-create the exact feel but you can come really close and even add your own personal touch as well. Sleep well. Live well.

Blog author: Jesse, Bedding expert and content