The best holiday is finally here – International Pillow Fight Day! There will be massive pillow fights all across the world and we hope everyone is able to join in on the fun. Here at, we are not only pillow experts, we are passionate about all things pillows. We felt obligated to extend our expertise and teach all of our amazing fans and readers how to have an EPIC pillow fight! We broke it up into 3 easy steps.

1. Pick your weapon of choice

When choosing the perfect pillow for a pillow fight, you must remember to keep safety the #1 priority. We recommend choosing a polyester pillow as down/feather pillow can be quite messy. We DO NOT recommend foam pillows as these pillows are heavy and can cause injury.

2. Ambush – Swing gently!

Our office is located in a massive warehouse filled with pillows, so ambushing coworkers has become a fun joke. You can ambush your friends with a pillow fight when they are casually watching tv, reading a book, or doing the dishes (why not!) Just remember to swing gently 🙂 This most likely will result in a full out pillow fight!

3. This means war – Pillow Fight!!!

The more the merrier in a pillow fight. We recommend splitting off in teams, including props when possible (such as a bed), and picking a venue that’s big enough for the fun. Make sure you set ground rules, such as avoiding the face and head. You don’t want anyone to be injured as that is sure to put a damper on your pillow fight.

We hope you enjoy International Pillow Fight Day! Have fun and be safe!

Creative & Direction – Cassie French & Chelsea Duckham

Photography & Video – Faydra Boyce, Chelsea Duckham, and Jordan Owens

Editing & Writing – Tyler Jewett & Chelsea Duckham Team – Chelsea Duckham, Cassie French, Evan Archuleta, Tyler Jewett, Jordan Owens, Matt Boehm, Aaron Awtrey, and Isaac Borgen –