The right rug size can make a big  difference in a room, especially in the bedroom where you spend your time resting and winding down. The right size of rug can offer a cozy and serene atmosphere to your bedroom while the wrong size could clutter your space and make it look awkward. When decorating your bedroom, rug size depends on the bed size.

If you have a Twin or Twin XL sized bed, then the best rug size for your bedroom is a 5'x7' rug. The rug is not only affordable but provides a comfortable area for your feet to land when you get out of bed. It also covers the empty floor space around your bed, drawing attention to the bed as the centerpiece of the room. When placing the rug, make sure it's not hidden under your furniture but placed in the center of the bed.

A queen-sized bed should have an 8'x10' rug. This size will allow you to place the rug under and around the bed, providing an extensive space to place your feet when you get out of bed. Also, if you don't have a lot of décor around the room, having a large rug under the bed can add a pop of color and tie the room décor neatly together. Place the rug in a way that the bed stands on top of the rug.

Lastly, a king-sized bed requires a 9'x12' rug for the bedroom. The large rug offers a coverage area from the sides of the bed and the foot. For king-sized beds, make sure to have the rug big enough to place nightstands and cabinets on each side of the bed on top of the rug. A rule of thumb is to ensure the rug goes beyond the bed, nightstands, and cabinets. When shopping, it's also essential to consider the materials of the rug, color, and texture that complements the bedroom furniture and décor.

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