Most of you might yell “OH SHEET” when it comes down to the math and science of thread count, but it’s actually quite simple. Let me begin by defining what thread count really means in sheets or any other products. The thread count means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. You count both lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads. So if there were 100 widthwise and 100 lengthwise you would have sheet that is produced of a thread count of 200. In most cases, a high thread count creates a smoother, softer feel. Sheets with a low thread count may feel very rough and coarse, while those with higher thread counts will be much smoother and softer. However, a higher thread count does not necessarily mean higher quality. If the threads within the sheet are of a poor quality, a higher thread count will not improve the quality of the sheet. It is perfectly normal for a fabric with a thread count of 200 high quality fibers to feel better than a thread count of 400 inferior quality fibers or twisted threads.

The type of fabric can also come into play when it comes to the softness of the product you are looking for. The most used fabric is cotton and is probably the most favorite out of all. There are 5 types of cotton as followed:

  1. Egyptian cotton- This is the most luxurious and often highly priced cotton. This type of cotton often a desired softness and luster that most people look for in fabrics. Has a more extensive weave and extra-long staple (ELS) or cotton.
  2. Pima Cotton– This cotton is known for its softness as well. It comes close to that of Egyptian cotton in regards to its softness and medium to long staple.
  3. Upland Cotton- is the most widely known cotton for its use in production of many clothing’s and other textiles. It is not as soft but very durable with a medium long staple.
  4. MicroCotton- a unique cotton yarn that is amongst the best in the world. It has very long staple fibers that are naturally silky and soft. It has the ability to absorb instantaneously.

Tencel is another type of fabric that is man-made and used mostly for bedding. This fabric is often popular due to its ability to resist moisture and hinder the ability for bacteria to grow. Silk is a very luxurious fabric produced from silk worms. It is often used to keep cool while keeping a silky feeling. It is also very hypoallergenic. Polyester is a natural fiber produced from polymers which is very durable and clean.

These are the most popular types of fabrics that you will find in most bedding such as sheets. Everyone has their own particular taste in feel for fabrics so it is always suggested that you try a variety until you fall in love with the fabric. Remember, a higher thread count does not always mean softer products. You must also consider the fabric used when shopping for products.

Blog Author: Jesse, Channel Manager: Jesse has been part of the Pacific Pillows family for 6 months now. He is the Go-To Man for all hotel related pillows and bedding. Jesse enjoys going to movies and spending time with friends and family.