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Your favorite pillow marketer Chelsea here! Yesterday, we kicked off the start of Sleep Awareness Week brought to you by the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep Awareness Week is a public education and awareness campaign with the purpose of bringing attention to the importance of sleep! At we use this week as a valuable opportunity to educate our own customers on the importance of sleep and how you can sleep better! This week we will be educating via blog posts, Facebook posts, and newsletters.


What’s Pillows Got To Do With It?

Our main goal at is to ensure that our customers sleep better, and this is backed by our Sleep Better Guarantee! A proper pillow and bedding supports the body allowing you to rest easily and thus sleep better. One of the benefits of my job is that I get to see how our products help people achieve better sleep. We get numerous phone calls and emails daily raving about how great our products are, and how they have changed and improved our customer’s quality of sleep. I’ve listed below our top pillows that we continue to get positive feedback on! I genuinely believe that these pillows can drastically improve your quality of sleep – enjoy! Don’t know where to start when purchasing a pillow? Read our simple 3 step pillow buying guide

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My top recommendations for down pillows

Pacific Coast ® Double Down Surround ® – If you are looking for a soft-medium support pillow then this is for you! This is a top quality pillow that is durable enough to be featured at luxury hotels. I always gift this pillow to friends and family who are looking for a soft down pillow that is still supportive.

Pillowtex ® Triple Core Down/Feather – Now this is one of the pillows that I have on my bed. It is classified as a medium- firm down/feather pillow, but it is still nice and lofty (fluffy) which I want from a down/feather pillow. The bedding expert team often recommends Pillowtex since this manufacturer tends to fill their pillows a little more generously compared to other brands.

Phoenix Down Overstuffed Down/Feather – This pillow is the ultimate firm down/feather pillow. I got this pillow for my mom since she’s been looking for a firm down/feather for years (which is often hard to find, since down/feather tends to be softer fills) This is her new favorite pillow and I like to think that it earned me extra brownie points with my mama 🙂

Check out our down/feather pillow buying guide

My top recommendations for down alternative pillows

Restful Nights ® Conformance Supreme Pillow

I was shocked when I first felt this pillow and learned that it’s not down/feather filled. It seriously feels like down since it is filled with tiny polyester clusters that mimic the feeling of down. It is scrunchable, yet still supportive!

Restful Nights ® Ultraflow Optimum Polyester Pillow

This pillow is another top seller. It is more supportive than the Conformance Supreme, but you can still mold and shape it. This pillow will also stay lofty and hold it’s shape longer than traditional down/feather pillows

My top recommendations for foam pillows

Technogel ® Deluxe Pillow – Now this is my all time favorite pillow! I’m usually not the biggest fan of foam pillows since I tend to like softer fills, but this pillow is absolutely amazing! The foam is supportive, but softer and gives more compared to other foam pillows. It also has a layer of cooling gel, which is a huge bonus for the Summer months. This pillow is a little pricey, but I swear it’s worth every penny!

Malouf ® Latex Pillow – I love Malouf ® pillows since they come in different varieties of foam and support. If you want a very supportive pillow, then the high profile version is perfect for you!

Blog author, Chelsea, Director of Marketing