Whether you are traveling for business or fun, we all strive to take with us the comfort that home provides. This can be especially hard for those fussy sleepers who require further measures to ensure a good night’s rest. From sound proof rooms to the right bedding, here are a few suggestions to maximize your comfort wherever you are.

1. Picking a hotel
When choosing a hotel we rarely ever think about sleep, even though that is for the most part, all we do in them. We tend to prioritize location over comfort which is perfectly normal, however wouldn’t it be great if you could get both? Every hotel should provide travelers with a tranquil sleeping environment. From the sheets to the temperature of the room, your hotel room should feel like a home away from home. I tend to be a fussy sleeper when it comes to noise, so choosing a hotel that is known to have a low noise level is imperative, especially in a city. Doing a bit of research before you book a room can go a long way.
Insider tip: Some hotels that are known for being “quiet” or soundproof such as Hotel Americano, New York and Hotel Bel-Air Los Angeles. See more ultra quiet hotels here.


2. Bedding and Pillows
One of the best feelings is crawling into bed at night after a long day at the office. There are many aspects to think about where your bed is concerned. For example, sheets! Pretty self-explanatory right? For the most part yes but when approaching bedding you have to take into account what kind of sleeper you are. Do you get hot as the night goes on? What kind of pillow do you prefer to sleep on? Are there any allergies the hotel should take into account when preparing a room for you? It’s these little details that can mean the difference between a restless night and a peaceful slumber. There are many hotels that offer alternatives for those with allergies so calling ahead and discussing it with someone is highly recommended.

Inside tip: Some hotels have pillow menus or offer down alternative options for those who have allergies. Marriott carries both down/feather and polyester choices that includes the down alternative eco smart pillow (filling is made of polyester balls spun from recycled water bottles!)

Four Seasons hotel pillows also features hypoallergenic options at many of their properties so that their guests can relax and not worry about allergies affecting their vacation.

3. Room Temperature and Lighting
– The temperature of a room can make or break a hotel stay. Most hotels set their temperatures between 68-73 degrees which is a pretty happy medium when you think about it. Not too hot, but not too cold. However there are those unique individuals who desire teeth chattering temps and there are those who prefer a tropical climate when they are catching a few z’s. If you are one of these people let your hotel know when you check in. If you are someone who gets cold throughout the night, request an extra blanket be put in your room. If you get hot throughout the night, ask if there are any options for perhaps a thinner blanket. Lighting can play a huge role as well in regards to whether your room is too hot. If your room is facing the sun for a good majority of the day, it is likely your room will be on the warmer side. If you can, request a room that only gets a few hours of direct sun light or make sure your room has both blinds and curtains to block out as much heat as possible.

Blog Author – Diana, Bedding Expert