Okay class, it is time for a fun history lesson! Here is a quick look into the bizarre history of pillows. The original design for a pillow was not for comfort, it was to stop bugs from crawling in your ears and mouth! So gross! Aren’t you happy you don’t live in early Mesopotamia? The price of this stone pillow was very expensive so only the wealthy had them. 

first pillow

The news of the pillows traveled to Africa and Asia. They quickly created their own version of the hard pillow rest. Even though they had the materials to make soft pillows, the Chinese believed soft pillows stole energy from the body. 


early pillow


early pillow

It is believed that the Greeks and the Romans were the first to ditch the hard pillow and create soft filled pillows similar to what we use today. Typically they were filled with cotton or straw while the wealthy had feather filled pillows. 


18th century bedding painting


It was in the 19th century when the pillow became a common household item. After the Industrial Revolution, pillows began to be mass produced. With the lower cost of the modern pillows, it was made easily accessible to people. Not long after, designers then started making beautiful pillows for couches, chairs, and throw pillows for the bedroom. 

The evolution of pillows is interesting and just a glimpse on how humanity has evolved. One thing has remained the same though, we all want a peaceful night's sleep. Sometimes finding that perfect pillow can be difficult, that is why Pillows.com has created our Pillow Finder Quiz. Take the 5 question quiz and you will get a list of pillow recommendations that match your needs. 



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