In a perfect world, back sleeping would be the best position to sleep because it is great for balancing out your body weight, keeping your internal organs aligned, and preventing neck and back pain. There are many great pillow options for back sleeping that will help keep you head aligned and not pushed too far forward.

Back Sleeping Benefits

1. Makes it easy for your head, neck, and spine to maintain a neutral position.

2. Fights acid reflux

3. Prevents wrinkles

Pillow Designs to Look for:

1. Medium support

2. A little loft so that your head sinks in

3. Thin pillows

Pillow fills to look for

Below are different fills that are good options for back sleepers. I have also included great examples of pillows that are great for back sleepers that won’t prop your head up too much causing neck ache.

Down and Feather

As a back sleeper, feather and down is a great option if you can find the right blend of feather and down to allow for a supportive yet lofty and comfortable pillow.

-Keep an eye out for an even blend of feather and down.

-Look for pillows with a loftier feel so that your head will sink it the right position.

Recommendations: Try the Pacific Coast ® Down Surround ® Pillows

Polyester (Down Alternative)

Polyester fiber is great if you are looking for a pillow to keep its shape better than most. It’s a great pillow for those looking for a supportive pillow that won’t cause neck aches.

-Look for pillows made of softer polyester fiber or polyester clusters

-Don’t get anything that would be considered a firm version. The Polyester will stay in place and is not ideal for back sleepers.

Recommendations: Try Restful Nights ® Comfort Edge 

Restful Nights® /National Sleep Products® Comfort Edge Pillow

Memory Foam & Latex Pillows

There are some memory foam and latex foam pillows that have great qualities for a back sleeper. This would highly depend on the loft and support of most.

-look for memory or latex foam pillows that are willing to conform easily

-Consider high loft plush so the top of your head sinks in and aligns correctly with your spine

-Contoured pillows can really help keep your neck from moving side to side.

Memory Foam Recommendations:  Malouf ® Contour Dough ® Memory Foam Pillow

Malouf dough memory foam

Latex Foam Recommendations: Malouf Shredded Latex Pillow

Malouf® Shredded Talalay Latex

Blog Author, Jesse, Lead Bedding Expert