As your head sinks softly into the hotel pillow of your dreams, after a relaxing day of vacation you wonder “how I can recapture this glorious sleep at home?” Anybody can bring that luxury slumber into the comfort of their own home since a handful of retailers sell hospitality pillows and bedding featured at the most popular hotels around the world.

At we carry the largest selection of pillows found anywhere, including hotel pillows. In fact, we sell pillows featured at over 50 different hotels and resorts. Our top sellers are hotel pillows due to their quality, durability, and affordability. If you are having trouble deciding which hotel pillow is right for you, look no further! This guide will cover our top 10 best selling hotel pillows. Read on to discover the benefits of each pillow, what kind of support each pillow provides, and what pillow is best for what sleeping position. Now it’s that much easier to transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite!

1. Marriott Down and Feather Pillow

The Marriott Down and Feather Pillow

Marriott often features theHolland Sleep Products Marriott Down and Feather pillow in their properties across the United States. This is’s #1 selling pillow because it offers a terrific combination of softness and support that leaves our customers comparing it to “sleeping on a cloud.”

Pillow Filling:

The Marriott Down and Feather Pillow is designed with pillow-in-pillow construction to provide premium comfort for sleepers of all sleeping positions. The dual-chamber feature provides a seamless blend of tightly packed feather, and soft plush down. This combination of materials results in a supremely comfortable pillow.


Inner Chamber Composition 90%: Waterfowl Feathers 

Outer Chamber Composition 10%: 70 % White Down, 30% Lyocell (minimum 75% Down Contents Sterilized)

Firmness Level: Medium support.
Sleeping position: Many people consider the Pacific Coast Down Surround Pillow ideal for all sleep positions, but we recommend it for back sleepers.
Price: $74.99-$84.99
Why It’s A Top Seller: The pillow in pillow design allows for your head to softly sink in before hitting the supportive inner chamber. This allows for your head to cradle in comfortable down while still being supported by the inner duck feathers.

2. Down Dreams Classic Soft and Firm 

Down Dreams® Classic Soft and Classic Firm Combo Pack- Featured at Many Hotels

The Down Dreams® Classic Soft and Classic Firm combo pack includes a Classic Soft pillow and a Classic Firm pillow. These pillows feature a dual chamber design that ensures perfect balance of support and soft comfort.

Firmness Level: The Phoenix Down 75/25 Feather and Down Pillow provides medium plus support.

Sleeping Position: All sleep positions
Price: $154.99-$184.99
Why it’s a top seller: Perfect for all sleep positions. Luxury down and feather pillow for everyone in the family.

3. Pacific Coast Touch of Down Pillow

Holiday Inn® Touch of Down® Feather & Down Pillow | Soft Support

Hampton Inn, Hilton and IHG properties carry the Pacific Coast Touch of Down Pillow in their rooms. This pillow has a unique construction that allows it to be more lofty they your typical down/feather pillow. The Touch of Down Pillow will feel cradled in the softness of down while getting a good amount of support to get you the rest you need.

Pillow Filling:

Touch of Down® Pillow has quickly become a favorite at their hotels around the world. The pillow-in-pillow design creates great support for both stomach and back sleepers. Try this popular pillow tonight in your own home


  • Inner Chamber Composition 89%: Waterfowl Feathers
  • Outer Chamber Composition 11%: 70% White Down & 30% Lyocell (Minimum 75% Down)

  • Firmness Level: Soft/medium support
    Sleeping Position: Great for back and stomach sleepers 
    Price: $74.99-$79.99
    Why it’s a top seller: The pillow in pillow design of the Touch of Down allows for your head to sink in softness before hitting the supportive inner chamber. This allows your head to cradle in comfortable down while still being supported by the inner duck feathers.

    4. Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down/Feather Pillow 

    Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow | Medium Support

    Smaller boutique hotels take the time to find the finest down/feather pillows to be featured in their rooms. The Pillowtex Triple Core Pillow has a unique three compartment construction that allows this generously filled pillow to loft and provide the proper support that weary travelers need. The Pillowtex Triple Core Pillow delivers great value for a hotel pillow at a starting price of $39.95.


    Pillow Filling: The Pillowtex Triple Core Pillow is filled with three inner chambers of luxurious white duck down and feathers. The inner chamber is comprised of 95% feather/5% duck down while the two outer chambers contain 75% feather/25% down.

    Construction: The Triple Core Pillow consists of three chambers. The inner chamber consists of a higher proportion of feathers, which allows the pillow to be supportive. The two outer chambers are filled with more down feather than the inner so that the sleeper’s head is delicately cradled in softness. This three chamber construction also ensures that the fill remains consistently placed within the pillow allowing for even support all night long.

    Firmness Level: The Pillowtex Triple Core Down/Feather Pillow is rated medium plus to firm. This is one of the firmest multiple chamber hotel pillows and offers a fantastic sleep experience. However, the sleeper looking for the firmest of pillows should really look to a pillow filled with memory foam or synthetic fill.

    Sleeping Position: The Triple Core Pillow is ideal for back or side sleepers.

    Price: $39.95-$49.95

    Why it’s a top seller: The Pillowtex Triple Core is a top seller since it offers everything you would ever want from a down/feather pillow – support and softness. The inner chamber gives your head support, while the outer chambers allow your head to rest comfortably. And, it is our best value down/feather chambered hotel pillow.

    5. Pacific Coast Tria Pillow – Featured in Many Ritz-Carlton Resorts

    Pacific Coast® Tria® Down & Feather Pillow - Featured at Many Ritz-Carlton® Hotels

    Ritz-Carlton is known to provide their guests the Pacific Coast Tria Pillow. This pillow is filled with a greater amount of luxurious down then other Pacific Coast chambered hotel pillows. As such the Pacific Coast Tria Pillow delivers a softer feel when compared to the Pacific Coast Down Surround Pillow featured in many Marriott Hotels. Yet, the three chambers in this pillow means that there is still solid support emanating from the core of the pillow. The Pacific Coast Tria Feather and Down Pillow featured in Ritz-Carlton properties offers an amazing sleep experience that is truly luxurious.

    Pillow Filling: Pacific Coast Tria Pillows are filled with duck feather and down that has undergone Pacific Coast’s patented hyper cleaning process. This process ensures that the Pacific Coast Tria Pillow will not cause an allergic reaction.
    Construction: The Tria Pillow is built with a pillow-in-a-pillow design. The inner chamber is filled with 95% duck feather and 5% down. The outer chamber is filled with a minimum of 75% down. The inner chamber takes up 83% of the entire pillow while the outer chamber takes up 17% of the pillow.
    Firmness Level: Pacific Coast Tria Pillows offer a medium level of support. This is the softest of Pacific Coast’s feather and down chambered hotel pillows.
    Sleeping Position: The Pacific Coast Tria Pillow is Ideal for back sleepers. Some stomach sleepers may also enjoy this pillow. This is probably the best pillow for stomach sleepers looking for a chambered hotel pillow.
    Price: $64.99-$99.99
    Why it’s a top seller: Ritz-Carlton is known for luxurious and elegant rooms that offer more than a luxurious look. They offer a restful night of sleep to all of their guests by placing the Pacific Coast Tria Pillow on their beds. The Tria offers a luxurious down feel while maintaining a support level that won’t leave you with neck pain.

    6. Pillowtex Hotel Feather and Down Pillows – Featured in Many Independent Properties

    Pillowtex® White Goose Down & Feather Pillow | 75% Feather/25% Down

     Independent hotels sometimes do not have the luxury to invest in pillows like other big hotel chains. However, Pillowtex Hotel Feather and Down Pillows are affordable pillows that do not skimp on quality. As such, Pillowtex Hotel Feather and Down Pillows have become very popular in many independent hotels. Moreover, the Pillowtex Hotel Feather and Down Pillow is a top selling hotel pillow on Lastly, the Pillowtex Hotel Feather and Down Pillow delivers great value to the consumer as you can get two pillows for the price of a typical hotel pillow.

    Pillow Filling: The Pillowtex Hotel Feather and Down Pillows contains 98% white duck feathers and 2% white duck down.

    Construction: This pillow has a single chamber with a 100% down-proof cotton cover with a 230 thread count.

    Firmness Level: This pillow is classified as firm for a down and feather pillow.

    Price: $69.99-$89.99

    Sleeping Position: The Pillowtex Hotel Down and Feather is ideal for back and side sleepers.

    Why it’s a top seller: The Pillowtex Hotel Down and Feather Pillow is a top seller due to its affordability and comfort.

    7. Dream Surrender pillows featured in Hampton, Hilton, and Marriott Hotels 

    Envirosleep® Dream Surrender Polyester Pillow | Medium Support


    Pillow Filling:

    The Envirosleep® Dream Surrender blends the perfect balance of comfort and support. This is a great product for people who are for a lofty, medium support hotel pillow. One pillow that most hotels offer is often for side and back sleepers is the Envirosleep® Dream Surrender. This pillow with loft and supportive polyester clusters, which helps maintain proper spine alignment through the night. Try this pillow tonight and feel refreshed in the morning!

    Construction: 100% polyester

    Manufactured by: Sysco® Guest Supply®

    Firmness Level: Medium

    Sleeping Position: Ideal for side and back sleepers

    Price: $44.99-$59.99

    Why it’s a top seller: Perfect medium support medium and height polyester pillow. 

    8. Choice Hotel Blue and Green Label Combo Pack

    Blue Label Firm/Green Label Soft Combo Pack | Featured at Many Choice® Hotels

    This Pillow is known to be featured in the following Hotels: Choice® Hotels, Cambria Suites®, Clarion Hotel®, Comfort Inn Hotels®, Comfort Suites®, Econo Lodge Hotel®, Mainstay Suites®, Rodeway Inn®, Sleep Inn® Hotels, Suburban Extended Stay Hotel®, and Quality Inn® If you like having a variety of pillows on your bed, the Blue Label Firm/Green Label Soft Pillow Combo Pack might be the perfect fit for you. Both of these pillows are filled with lofty Microfil® polyester fiberfill that has been sanitized as well so it is 100% hypoallergenic.. The Green Label Soft pillow has a lower fill weight, making it more compressible for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. The Blue Label Firm Pillow is perfect for side sleepers because of its supportive high fill weight. Sleep on a cloud tonight with the Blue Label Firm/ Green Label Soft Pillow Combo Pack!

    Pillow Filling: Polyester (Microfil®)

    Construction: Hypoallergenic 100% polyester with a 100% cotton shell

    Firmness Level: Soft/medium 

    Sleeping Position: Perfect for all sleep positions 

    Price: $113.99

    Why it’s a top seller: Simply heavenly down alternative.

    9. Encompass Group 50% Down/50% Feather Pillow – Featured in Many Sheraton Hotels

    Encompass Group® 50/50 White Goose Feather & Down Pillow | King Size

    Sheraton is known to feature Encompass Group 50% Down/50% Feather Pillows in many of their hotel rooms. This equal combination of down and feather will satisfy any traveler who craves comfort and support from a hotel pillow. This 50/50 down and feather pillow is also featured at a variety of Starwood Properties. Starwood is the larger ownership group that owns Sheraton Hotels.

    Pillow Filling: The Encompass Group 50% Down/50% Feather Pillow is filled with an equal proportion of luxurious down and feather.

    Construction: This is a single chamber design pillow has a durable 100% cotton cover that has a double needle sewn edge.

    Firmness Level: The Encompass Group 50% Down/50% Feather Pillow offers soft to medium support.

    Sleeping position: This pillow is ideal for stomach and side sleepers as it offers less support than the other hotel pillows featured here. The pillow has a great deal of loft and is truly luxurious with the amount of down present in the blend of fill.

    Price: $89.99

    Why it’s a top seller: The Encompass Group 50% Down/50% Feather Pillow is a top seller due to its luxurious equal proportion of down and feather. Guests worldwide have enjoyed this pillow for years in many Sheraton Hotels. This is a tried and tested traditional pillow.

    10. Holiday Inn Soft Support Pillow | Polyester 

    Holiday Inn® Soft Support Pillow | Blue Cord Polyester

    Holiday Inn Properties including those carrying the Holiday Inn Express brand are known to feature Restful Night Synthetic Fill Pillows. These pillows come in two different support levels so the weary traveler can choose the pillow that best meets their needs. The medium support version is great for back sleepers because it provides enough support for your head while maintaining a comfortable and lofty feel. The firm support is great for side sleepers looking to keep in their neck aligned with their spine to keep from getting pesky neck aches.

    Pillow Filling: The Restful Nights Medium and Firm Holiday Inn Pillows are filled with 100% polyester fiber. These particular pillows come in either medium or firm support that allow for them to accommodate a variety of different sleep positions.

    Construction: The Restful Nights Synthetic Fill Pillows are made with a single chamber design filled with 100% polyester fiber to ensure maximum comfort and support. These pillows are branded with the Holiday Inn Logo and also include a free pillow protector with every pillow.

    Firmness Level: These pillows come in a medium and firm version.

    Sleeping position: The medium support version of the Restful Nights Synthetic Fill Pillow is ideal for side sleepers while the firm support version of the pillow is ideal for back sleepers.

    Price: $69.95-$79.99

    Why it’s a top seller: Holiday Inn Properties like to give a variety of choices to their guests and they take this philosophy to their beds by offering two choices of pillows. This gives Holiday Inn guests options for either a medium pillow for those who love to sleep on their back or a firm pillow for those who are side sleepers. The 100% polyester fill pillows do not lose their shape and loft as quickly as others and maintain a comfortable feel.

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