Yes! specializes in selling the exact same pillows you will find in all the major hotel chains in the U.S. There are a few things to remember when buying your favorite hotel pillows.

  • There are more than 1 pillow type in the hotel rooms. Most hotels are contracted to use several different pillows in their hotel chain. For example, Hilton® Hotels are contracted to use the following pillows, Down Dreams Classic Soft, Down Dreams Classic  Firm, Dream Surrender Firm, Dream Surrender, Envirosleep Temperloft, Pacific Coast Touch of Down, and the Brentwood Gold pillows. 
  • The best way to know you are getting the correct hotel pillow is to check the pillow tag while you are in the hotel room. If you didn’t get the chance to check the pillow tag that is ok, our bedding experts are here to help you make an educated guess on which pillow it might have been. 
  • All our pillows are new and may feel a little firmer or a little higher loft than the ones you experienced in the hotel room. Why you might ask? Hotel pillows have been laundered and well broken and therefore they can feel softer and lower loft when you slept on them. Also, down and feather pillows are fluffed everyday in the hotel rooms. If you purchase a down and feather hotel pillow from us, pop them in the dryer on low heat for 1 hour to help properly fluff for the first time. After that, you can fluff by hand daily for maximum support. Don’t forget to use pillow protectors just like the hotels do! It help keep your pillow clean but also helps the pillow to be more supportive. Link to our pillow protectors -
  • Hotels will typically have the standard, jumbo, and queen size on their beds. It is rare for hotels to use king size. Some hotel chains will put a queen size pillow in a standard pillow protector and pillowcase to create a fuller and more supportive pillow. 
  • Our website will recommend certain sleep positions for certain pillows however, we know that not all sleepers are the same. If you like a super soft low loft pillow and our product page says it is for stomach and back sleepers, just ignore that recommendation and get what you like. Remember, we have a great return policy. You can return with free shipping and money back in the first 300 days! You also have the option to process up to 3 free shipping exchanges. 

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Dana Fry