Can down and feather pillows be hypoallergenic?

The simple answer is no. While most down and feathers inside a pillow are triple washed to get most the dander off, it is never 100% hypoallergenic. This can be a very sad answer to most allergy sufferers who LOVE the feel of a down and feather pillow. Not all hope is lost though!! I have asthma and allergies and I can enjoy a luxurious down and feather pillow. I have to be a little more diligent than other non allergy sleepers but it is do able. Here are some tips to help my fellow allergy sufferers. 

 Pillow Protectors! I always have a fresh clean pillow protector over my down and feather pillow. I change pillow protectors once a week to ensure I don’t have dust and dander on my pillow. Make sure you change them often to keep your pillow hypoallergenic! Expert tip: Use 2 pillow protectors if you have severe allergies. 

    Change pillowcases once a week. Make sure your pillowcases are fresh and clean to keep dust and dander away from you while you are sleeping. 

    Wash pillows more often. My allergies aren’t just to the down and feathers, I am allergic to dust too. If I wash my pillows more frequently, I know I can still enjoy my fancy down and feather pillow.

    Buy new pillows more frequently than non allergy sufferers! This is a sad truth. Pillows will get dust mites and that can trigger your allergies. Whether you use a down and feather pillow or a hypoallergenic polyester pillow, allergy sufferers need to get new pillows every year to every 2 years. Interesting fact: New studies have shown that polyester aka synthetic pillows accumulate dust-mite allergens at a rate faster than feather pillows.

    Use tightly woven fabric like twill weave or satin weave over your pillow. These fabrics will keep allergens inside your pillow and away from you the best.

    That's it! Do you have any allergy bedding tips? Please share in the comment section! 

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    - Dana Fry